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Surveys and Projects

Projects and Surveys

On this page (currently under development!) I've outlined a few surveys that I've worked on, and provided the data products (as some surveys websites have died over the years).

The Herschel Fornax Cluster Survey (HeFoCS)

The Herschel Fornax Cluster Survey was started as an extension to the Herschel Virgo Cluster Survey, and was designed to have a similar observing strategy as the Virgo data set. As such HeFoCS covers a continuous area of ∼4°×4°, using Herschel in parallel mode with fast-scanning.

Many of the larger objects are featured in the Dustpedia survey, so I would recommend using their cut-outs (the maps are the same). However, as HeFoCS is a blind survey of the region, I've made the full maps available below (unforutnatly, the HeFoCS website no longer exists). Raw data and pipeline data products are available through the ESA archive, but here is our optimised data products.

The HeFoCS Data Products
Instrument Wavelength Link to File
PACS 100 µm HeFoCS-PACS-100.fits
PACS 160 µm HeFoCS-PACS-160.fits
SPIRE 250 µm HeFoCS-SPIRE-250.fits
SPIRE 350 µm HeFoCS-SPIRE-350.fits
SPIRE 500 µm HeFoCS-SPIRE-500.fits