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Posters and Presentations


Being questioned by Brian Schmidt (Nobel prize winner) during the masterclass at the Lindau Nobel Laurete Meeting. During my time as a PhD student and a postdoc, I've been fortunate enough to give many poster talks at conferences, team meetings and other occasions. One highlight of my career is I was one of three chosen at a master class run by Brian Schmidt at the Lindau Nobel Laurete meeting (see the picture on the right). Next month I am giving my first invited talk at the Cosmic Dust conference in Copenhagon. Below are a selection of talks I've given - just click on the image to download them. After the poster section is a full list of scientific talks and posters that I have given (for teaching and outreach see here).


Over the years I've presented a few posters at different conferences and meetings. Below I've put a couple of my favourites, you can see a larger version by clicking on the image, or download the full poster from the caption.