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Other Interests

India (Outside Bibi Ka Maqbara - India 2014) As well as my passion for astronomy, I also have a wide variety of other interests from sports to music. On this page I give a few examples of various activities I've attempted/taken part in. Unfortunatly, I still need to get my knee fixed so haven't played sports for a while, but I have managed to go watch some rugby and cricket matches in Cardiff as well as getting to Wimbledon for the Olympics.

I also enjoy travelling to see new places, and luckily as a post-doc I get to travel to a wide variety of places. In the last few years I've scene places with spectacular scenary (e.g., Hawaii), different cultures (e.g. China and India) and visit some interesting cities (like Washington DC).

Matthew Smith's Personal Webpage

School Camp Voluntering

I help run the activities which focuses on building the year 8's team work and communication skills as well as introducing them to new experiences. The activities are are very varied and include canoeing, cycling, outdoor cooking and hiking. All the games and activities are all run by the 'old-boys' and is a very tiring but rewarding experience.



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