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I'm a postdoctoral researcher in the Galaxies and Observational Cosmology group at Cardiff University. My research is focused on the dust and gas (basically any stuff between stars!) and how they relate to star-formation. I primarily work in nearby galaxies but sometimes extend further out into the universe. I moved to Cardiff in 2008 to undertake my Ph.D under the supervision of Steve Eales and Jon Davies back and enjoyed living in Cardiff so much I'm still here. To find out more about my research check out my Research Page.

In addition to my research I play an active role in the department, being a member of a few committees (including the computer and social committees) as well as teaching responsibilities. I have the pleasure of currently supervising Thomas Williams and am significantly involved in the supervision of Connor Williams. This year I'm teaching a new first-year module "Introduction to Astrophysics" which will start in January 2018.

My undergraduate bachelors and masters degree was undertaken at Cambridge University in physics (natural sciences tripos). I was a member of Jesus College where I played several of the colleges sports teams (but definitely not to a high standard) and played in the college orchestra. While, unfortunately not playing many sports now, I am still a keen rugby fan and often get to see an international match. For the last few years I have helped on my old secondary schools year 8 camp in the new forest, where I help teach outdoor skills and run activities. I also enjoy science-fiction and fantasy, as well as a variety of video games. For more info see my other interests section.

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Latest News

July 2018

My Work on ESA Image of the Week!

The European Space Agency decided to feature some images from my latest paper as their image of the week. The images are are from the latest data release from H-ATLAS, the largest-area survey undertaken with Herschel. The article focuses on the fact while Herschel images look noisy, each point on is a different galaxy (in fact there are so many we experience confusion as they all overlap).

July 2018

BETHS Year 8 Camp Turns 40!

I've just got back from another two weeks volunteering at my old secondary school's year 8 camp. One of the great things about camp is that it gives a chance for students from London to experience the outoors, leave all electronic gadgets behind and for some be away from home for the first time. The activities vary from canoeing, building a rope bridge over the river, to camps own olympics (with some very bizarre events). This year is camps 40th anniversary, and we've been using the same camp site in the new forest for all those years (to celebrate we took the above drone picture).

June 2018

Invited Talk at Dust Conference in Copenhagen

This week I've given an invited talk at the Copenhagen dust conference on using dust as a tracer input nearby galaxies. This conferences which looks at all aspects of cosmic dust from lab measurements to dust in the early Universe. The conference went very well, was extremly informative and had possibly the best conference 'feast' that I've seen (the wine didn't stop appearing!)

June 2018

My PhD Students First Paper

My PhD student Tom Williams has had his first paper accepted! The paper looks at the Schmidt-Kennicutt Law in M33 using new SCUBA-2 data. The paper will be on ArXiv in the next few days.